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What is a Certified Diabetes Educator and why would you need one?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

WA Certified Diabetes Educator is a healthcare professional credentialed with national certification and have all the experience and expertise to help diabetic patients at managing their disease. Their support and collaboration not only help to achieve self-care goals but also to live a healthy and happy life. Although Type 1 diabetes has no cure, type 2 diabetes can be reversed with the help of an experienced CDE.

What is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)?

A Certified Diabetes Educator is a credentialed healthcare professional who specializes in providing guidance, support, and education to the people suffering from diabetes. The basic intention is to helps them in their diabetes management so that they may achieve their personal health goals.

Doctors, nurse, dietitians, and pharmacists can become a CDE by passing a national exam. It allows them to educate and help people at managing their diabetes condition. They work with patients and their families to teach them their own self-care. This includes addressing their day-to-day challenges, reviewing their glucose measurements and suggesting useful actions for an effective diabetes management regime. CDEs work in hospitals, clinics, and also at their own small practices to provide diabetes support to the public.  

Does Diabetes Education Really Work?

Of course, it does! Even the research has proved that taking diabetes education helps patients to stay in good health. It not only improves their knowledge base and awareness but also modify their self-care behaviors towards betterment.

With CDEs, patients are in a better position to maintain a balance between healthy eating, exercise, and medication. Also, this type of training enables them to avoid many complications. Hence, minimizing the risk of nerve and kidney failure which are common outcomes of this disease.

It’s a fact that keeping track of medical condition helps patients to achieve a better quality of life. While a certified diabetes educator possesses all the comprehensive knowledge to guide them through the process.

How A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) Can Help You?

If you have diabetes, then you don’t need to deal with the stress alone. In fact, the situation can become a whole lot easier if the right person is helping you in managing it. Because keeping records, eating healthy, taking medications and minimizing the risks on your own sometimes becomes overwhelming. This is the point where an experienced diabetes educator comes in.

Being part of your healthcare team, a CDE can create a workable plan to carry out diabetes management activities effectively. Not only this, but he can also motivate and support you to make the transition easier. Which further leads to a healthier and longer life.

Why Do You Need A Certified Diabetes Educator in Addition to A Doctor?

You might say that I check my blood sugar level regularly and also visit my doctor. So, why do I need an experienced CDE for managing my diabetes? This is a valid question, of course. But the wealth of resources and tools that a CDE offers is something that you cannot get on your own.

Additionally, the average time a doctor spends to check each patient is 15 minutes. While a CDE can help to supplement the recommendations that he has suggested.

Some people may argue that they can get the same information via the internet. But how could they be able to customize those generic plans to match their personal needs? A Certified educator, on the other hand, is an expert at proposing a plan that fits in your daily routine. So, be on the safe side and let an experience CDE handle your case. After all, it’s about your own health and wellbeing and you’ll not want to risk it at any cost.

Concluding Comments

While there is no cure for type I diabetes, type 2 diabetes can be reversed. Consulting and taking help from a Certified Diabetes Educator can significantly help you.

Building a long-term relationship with an experienced CDE is a fruitful investment that you can start today. Get in touch with us and take the first step towards a happier and healthier life.

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