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Nutrition Strategies for Diabetes Management Course

This program is a self-paced course that includes short videos focusing on:

  • What is diabetes? Understanding your diagnosis is the first step to understanding the "why" proper nutrition is so important.

  • Carbohydrates: which to include in abundance, which to eat in moderation, and the role they play.

  • Protein: you'll learn which to enjoy and how much to include in a balanced diet and the function in the diet.

  • A lesson on fats: the importance of including the right types of fat in the diet.

  • And finally, we'll talk about which beverages support a healthy lifestyle as well as other strategies for good health and digestion.


[Course includes downloadable slides for easy reference]

Bonus: With purchase, you'll receive access to my Fullscript Dispensary with a 25% discount on 300+ clinical grade supplement brands.

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